Media Guidelines


The National Defense Industrial Association and the Air Force Global Strike Command welcome media to cover the AFGSC Innovation and Technology Symposium.


  • Event organizers require credentials from all media.
  • Acceptable credentials include press passes, business cards, letters of employment verification, a copy of or a link to published work, or a name on a masthead.
  • Freelancers should provide a letter or email from the outlet for which they are working. If working independently, freelancers may provide a statement of editorial work.
  • People who MAY NOT register as media include personnel in advertising, marketing, business development, publishers, business operations and public relations.


  • Media members may register online at You also may register at the event.
  • Media must check in at event registration to receive badges. Press badges must be worn always.

Rules of engagement:

  • All events are open to media EXCEPT the panels on hypersonic vehicles and on counter unmanned aerial vehicles Wednesday, Nov. 15, at 9 a.m.
  • Organizers reserve the right to close previously open events at their discretion. They will communicate these changes to registered media and attendees.
  • There are no embargo restrictions on any information at the event.
  • A room will be available in which media may work and conduct interviews. Specific location information will be available at the conference. Please note that Wi-Fi access may be unreliable at the convention center.
  • Requests for interviews with any speakers or panel participants must be made to AFGSC public affairs personnel, who will be available in the media room. A public affairs representative must be present at all interviews.
  • Media may not use the event logo.
  • If you would like a copy of slides or presentations, please consult with AFGSC public affairs or NDIA’s media representative. Not all presentation information may be approved for release.

Photography, videography, and audio guidelines:

  • To avoid violating military personnel photo and video restrictions, it’s best to ask before capturing anyone’s image or voice.
  • Photography is allowed in open conference sessions. Video recording any of these sessions must be cleared with AFGSC public affairs and NDIA.
  • Audio recording these sessions is allowed for personal work use of media members. These recordings may not be broadcast in any form.
  • In the exhibit hall, exhibitors must give permission to be photographed or recorded. Be careful only to photo or record the company or organization with which you’re working. Other neighboring exhibitors must give permission to be photographed or recorded.
  • No images or recordings may be used to affiliate to anything other than the event.

Media contacts: