Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC) is the youngest Major Command (MAJCOM) in the United States Air Force, but our history dates back long before August 7, 2009. Strategic Air Command (SAC) was the first command focusing exclusively on the nation’s nuclear mission and set a standard of excellence within the Air Force until its deactivation in 1992. When AFGSC stood up 17 years later, our command became interlaced with the shared heritage and pride of the valiant men and women who served in SAC decades earlier.

Today, AFGSC is charged with the unparalleled responsibility of providing the United States with combat-ready forces for global strike operations and nuclear deterrence. Our motto is Deter…Assure…Strike!

We discourage potential adversaries from pursuing actions that threaten the security of our nation and at the same time demonstrate our global strike capabilities and commitment to our allies. Should deterrence fail, we are prepared to strike with precise, devastating lethality anytime, anywhere. With this in mind and looking to the future, the vision statement captures our intent.

VISION: Innovative leaders providing safe, secure and effective combat-ready forces for nuclear and conventional global strike…today and tomorrow!

Our mission statement establishes how we will achieve that vision.

MISSION: Airmen providing strategic deterrence, global strike and combat support…anytime, anywhere!

We are the guardians of the most powerful weapons on the planet and force providers for two legs of the nuclear triad. Our Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) force will always be postured to answer the President’s call as they have for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for over 50 years. Our bomber fleet remains prepared and equipped for nuclear deterrence and conventional global strike.

Inspired by our vision, AFGSC’s commitment is to the mission, our military and civilian Airmen, and their families. Therefore, we will channel our efforts along three command priorities: Mission, Airmen, Families

Beginning with the mission, we are committed to sustaining our current bomber, ICBM and helicopter force while investing in our future weapons systems, specifically the B-21, Long Range Standoff Missile, and Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD).

We consolidated the Air Force’s long-range strike assets, beginning with the realignment of the B-1 fleet and B-2 program under AFGSC. By uniting the Air Force’s bombers under one command, we are better structured to organize, train and equip Airmen to perform global strike operations both now and in the future.

Additionally, we assumed responsibility for the Kirtland Underground Munitions Maintenance and Storage Complex (KUMMSC) and are taking the Air Force lead for Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications (NC3) capabilities.

We will lead the way forward ensuring compliance with the high standards necessary for stewardship of our nuclear assets, global strike operations, and combat support.

We remain committed to our Airmen by empowering them to perform as an elite, highly disciplined team. This includes formal and informal mentorship at every echelon of command as well as a sincere recognition of their outstanding contributions to the mission. It also includes ensuring we advocate for the best possible facilities, resources, training, and equipment so our Airmen may successfully carry out the mission. Our command will set the standard for professionalism and a culture of mutual respect.

Finally, we will continue meeting the needs of those who sacrifice to support our Airmen – the families. We will ensure our families have access to essential services and support required for a safe, stable, and healthy home. We will continue strengthening our relationship with the local community in order to enhance support to families.

We will achieve the AFGSC vision and execute the mission while maintaining careful consideration of our resource-constrained environment. I call upon all Airmen to leverage the strengths of our diversity of thought and ideas leading to innovative solutions to overcome this challenge.

We are guided by our core values−INTEGRITY, SERVICE, EXCELLENCE−to meet our priorities of Mission, Airmen, Families. We stand ready to provide nuclear deterrence and global strike capabilities anytime, anywhere.  

To learn more about AFGSC please visit www.afgsc.af.mil